Missouri Valley Football Conference Chooses GameStrat - Sideline Tablet Technology
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Published Jun 27, 2024
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Missouri Valley Football Conference Chooses GameStrat - Sideline Tablet Technology


GameStrat Becomes Exclusive Provider of Sideline Tablet Technology To NCAA FCS Missouri Valley Football Conference




GameStrat, a leading provider of sideline tablet technology solutions, today announced a groundbreaking partnership with the NCAA's Missouri Valley Football Conference (MVFC), becoming the exclusive provider of sideline tablet technology for the conference's football programs. 


The Missouri Valley Football Conference is fully committed to putting its teams in the best position to succeed in the coming season through the newly approved use of sideline video. After carefully researching options, the MVFC has partnered with GameStrat, a proven industry leader in sideline tablet technology.

- Patty Viverito, MVFC Commissioner



Through this partnership, GameStrat will equip all eleven Missouri Valley football teams with sideline tablet technology, recently approved by the NCAA for the upcoming 2024 season. This technology will equip coaches and players with in-game, multi-angle footage and instant replay capabilities, enabling them to review film on the sidelines & make better adjustments in real-time.


We are excited about the traction that sideline tablet technology is gaining in college football, and we're proud to partner with the MVFC as they integrate this new tool into their programs.

- Tunch Akkaya, CEO at GameStrat



GameStrat is very excited to be the exclusive provider for the MVFC, to help them continue their high caliber play with a high end sideline replay system that enables coaches and players to review live game footage on iPads. Already trusted by over 500 top high school football programs, and now one of the top FCS football conferences, this technology helps teams make real-time, in-game adjustments for better performance. GameStrat's sideline tablet technology solutions provide teams with the tools they need to gain a competitive edge and be the best they can be. 


The Missouri Valley Football Conference, boasts 13 straight FCS title game appearances and a dominant record against non-conference opponents. Formed in 1985, the Missouri Valley Football Conference currently consists of Illinois State University, Indiana State University, Missouri State University, Murray State University, the University of North Dakota, North Dakota State University, the University of Northern Iowa, the University of South Dakota, South Dakota State University, Southern Illinois University, and Youngstown State University


The MVFC is 98-45 (.685) since 2010 in the playoffs -- which includes 17 intra-conference games.  Last season, MVFC teams combined to go 27-10 against non-conference FCS teams.  Five of the 10 losses were against ranked FCS teams.

South Dakota State, which enters the year with 29-straight wins, repeated as national champion in 2023. The league’s first four decades have included national championships, national players of the year, national coaches of the year, No. 1 national rankings, and countless All-Americans.  League member North Dakota State earned five-straight national championships from 2011-15, three-straight from 2017-19, and in addition to SDSU's 2022 and 2023 championships, and the league also has NCAA titles in 1997 (Youngstown State), 2002 (Western Kentucky), and 2021 (NDSU).  







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