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Reliable & Fast Network

No more waiting for clips to load or having devices disconnect. GameStrat transfers videos instantly to your devices and maintains a strong connection the entire time.

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Quick & Easy Setup

Get everything up and running in under 10 minutes. GameStrat only requires one person to operate as well.

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Advanced Features

GameStrat has more features than you can probably use! Whether you are content with our seamless video controls, or you like taking advantage of our play filtering, video telestration, or real-time reporting, we’ve got it all with plenty more to come!

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24/7 support

GameStrat will always be available to walk you through an issue or a simple question, especially on game day.

See What Coaches Are Saying...

Football black Greg marshall
Greg Marshall Head Coach Western University, London, Ontario
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GameStrat worked great for us this year. Our coaches were able to review film in between series and our players were also receptive. The customer service was very personal and whenever we had an issue GameStrat was there to help.

Basketball black Dave smart
Dave Smart Head Coach Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario
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We use GameStrat for practices and games to give our players a competitive advantage. It allows our team to learn more efficiently from practice and to respond to in-game strategy changes quickly and confidently.

Football black Frank larosa
Frank LaRosa Head Coach East Bay High School, Gibsonton, Florida
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GameStrat was incredibly useful in-game when coming off the field. We were able to correct issues on our way to some close wins on the field. The service was great! Anytime we needed, we could get on the phone and have 1-on-1 help!

Football black Greg calcagno
Greg Calcagno Head Coach St. Francis High School, Mountain View, California
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GameStrat was a huge upgrade this year to our sideline review system with our players and our halftime adjustments. The customer support including during games was so much better than anything that we have experienced. I highly recommend GameStrat.

Football black Greg knox
Greg Knox Head Coach McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario
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The speed and reliability of GameStrat gave us a huge advantage on gameday and the support provided was extremely effective and personal. I would recommend GameStrat to any coach looking for the best sideline replay system.

Football black Darcy park
Darcy Park Head Coach Edmonton Wildcats, Edmonton, Alberta
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In my 20 years coaching, GameStrat has provided one of the biggest advances in game day operations. Providing up to the minute video and data information to all of our staff with an easy to operate system that will change the way you manage your team in game.

Basketball black John campbell
John Campbell Head Coach University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario
Speech bubble arc

GameStrat has proven to be a tremendous asset to our athletes and coaches. Players enjoy the real time feedback offered by the coaching staff through the ipad function. We have also been able to utilize half-time video for adjustments and teaching points. While we feel we are still scratching the surface of the interface it is already contributing to success.

Football black Warren craney
Warren Craney Head Coach York University, Toronto, Ontario
Speech bubble arc

GameStrat was very easy for us to use on the sidelines. The ability to show our players game footage instantaneously was an unbelievable teaching tool, and the in-game corrections they received helped them immensely.

Football black Jamie barresi
Jamie Barresi Head Coach University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario
Speech bubble arc

GameStrat had a dramatic, positive affect on our offensive production. It is a very reliable tool that was easy to implement and use.

Football black Larry jusdanis
Larry Jusdanis Head Coach Clarkson Football North, Mississauga, Ontario
Speech bubble arc

We have used GameStrat for all of our high school games in the U.S. and all I can say it was awesome! GameStrat is like having another coach on the sidelines - it was a tremendous sideline tool for all of our players. It enables us as a team to see video instantly and make adjustments immediately. I highly recommend it and will be using it forever

Football black Paul deek
Paul Deek Head Coach CJFL Ottawa Sooners, Ottawa, Ontario
Speech bubble arc

Absolutely love this product! Seamless to install and very user friendly, the benefits to live data streaming are endless. Great job GameStrat.

Football black Steve sumarah
Steve Sumarah Head Coach Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario
Speech bubble arc

Having used GameStrat for the first time this year I was amazed at the ease with which we could use it. It allowed our coaches to make adjustments on the fly with firsthand knowledge of what was occurring on the field. As the year went on we started using it during practice. The players loved the instant feedback it provided. Every team should have this capability as it will make your team better prepared for your opponent.

Basketball black James derouin
James Derouin Head Coach University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario
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GameStrat is at the cutting edge of video technology. Having live video feed to the bench has been an extremely valuable tool for our coaching staff. Working with the guys at GameStrat has been a great experience, they are there to help and support with all your video question and needs. Our program looks forward to continuing working with them for years to come.

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Record with any iPhone, iPad, or existing camera.

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Share videos instantly without the Internet by using our routers.

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Replay videos on your iPad or iPhone from anywhere in the stadium.

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