St. Joseph Regional Green Knights, NJ - Case Study
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Published May 9, 2023
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St. Joseph Regional Green Knights, NJ - Case Study

The St. Joseph Regional Football team, under the leadership of Head Coach Dan Marangi, has seen immense success over the years. With 19 NJ State Championships and a perfect record as League Champions from 2012-2016, the team has cemented its place in high school football history.


In 2018, the team claimed the State Championship title, adding yet another accolade to their impressive resume. Marangi, who previously served as the Defensive Coordinator at Don Bosco from 2004-2016, and at SJR from 2017-2019, has been an integral part of the team's success, contributing to 10 state championship-winning teams in his career to date.

Despite their successes, the St. Joseph Regional Football team and their head coach, Dan Marangi, are always striving for improvement. This dedication to excellence led them to seek out a more reliable and efficient sideline replay solution. 


Before switching to GameStrat for sideline replay, the St. Joseph Regional Football team faced issues with their previous sideline replay system. Coach Marangi recalls the anxiety of not knowing if the system would work each week.


With our last sideline replay system, the biggest issue we had was reliability. There would be an important juncture in a game, and we were looking to get information, and the next thing you know nothing is loading. That all went away when we switched to GameStrat.



Photo By: Sara Saccoliti


According to Coach Marangi, GameStrat provides everything their program wanted in a sideline replay system.


Right from the first game, it was consistently set up and running smooth with no issues - so the transition was easy.


The reliability of the GameStrat system has been a game-changer for the St. Joseph Regional Football team, allowing them to focus on the game and not worry about technology issues.

The 3 keys to me were: the ease of set up, the reliability, and the functionality. We have a lot of things to do on game day and you want to be able to take any extra stress off of your back.


One of the features that the St. Joseph Regional Football team loves about the GameStrat sideline replay system is Picture in Picture - which allows them to seamlessly switch from the wide angle to the tight cut with no issues. This feature is particularly helpful for different position coaches who want to look at different things with their groups on the sideline.


Picture in Picture is a great feature as it's nice to have both angles matched up. And then when we want to upload it, all of the intercut is already done. It's up and loaded, and we’ll have it to our kids within 20 minutes of the end of the game.



Photo By: Karyn Ochiuzzo


Overall, GameStrat sideline replay system has been a tremendous asset to the St. Joseph Regional Football team. Coach Marangi encourages other coaches looking for a sideline replay solution to make the switch to GameStrat.


You should really do it. The ease of set up, reliability, and functionality is just off the charts.

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