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Muscle Shoals Trojans, AL - Case Study
Muscle Shoals Trojans, AL - Case Study

Back in 2008, Coach Basden agreed to take over a program that, for the last 40 years, had not seen back to back winning seasons. Under his leadership, Muscle Shoals has gone 115-42 with 4 region titles and 12 playoff spots. We were lucky enough to chat for a few minutes with Coach Basden about his experience utilizing GameStrat sideline instant replay and the difference it has made for the Muscle Shoals Football Program.

Sierra Canyon Trailblazers, CA - Case Study
Sierra Canyon Trailblazers, CA - Case Study

We decided to sit down for a talk about the GameStrat experience with Sierra Canyon Trailblazer’s Head Coach, Jon Ellinghouse, as he heads into his 16th season running the program. Under Ellinghouse’s leadership, Sierra Canyon has appeared in the CIF Semi-Finals or better in 12 of the last 14 seasons, 4 of those being state championship appearances. The Trailblazer’s, who switched from Hudl Sideline to GameStrat, are a program known for providing a crucial foundation for many of the country’s top college football prospects. Former Sierra Canyon players have attended USC, Notre Dame, Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech, Washington, UCLA, Colorado, and Northwestern, to name a few.

Highland Springs Springers, VA - Case Study
Highland Springs Springers, VA - Case Study

We got the chance to sit down and talk about the GameStrat sideline replay experience with Virginia Tech legend and High School Football Head Coach, Loren Johnson of the Highland Springs Springers in Highland Springs, VA.

North Cobb Warriors,  Acworth, GA - Case Study
North Cobb Warriors, Acworth, GA - Case Study

Back-to-back 3AAAAAA Region Champions, North Cobb Warrior Football Head Coach Shane Queen and Jason Ellsworth share about their experience with GameStrat Sideline Instant Reply.

Central Valley Warriors, PA - Case Study
Central Valley Warriors, PA - Case Study

Once again, the Central Valley Warriors finished the year at the top of PIAA Class 3A. Under 12th-year Head Coach Mark Lyons, the program became only the seventh team from the WPIAL to win back-to-back state titles. After finishing 15-0, Coach Lyons sat down with us to...

Valdosta Wildcats, GA - Case Study
Valdosta Wildcats, GA - Case Study

Valdosta High School might be one of the most nationally known high school football programs across the country. Known for earning over 900 wins, six national championships, 24 state championships and 42 regional championships, collectively making the Valdosta Wildcats the ...

Chandler Wolves, AZ - Case Study
Chandler Wolves, AZ - Case Study

Chandler Wolves Assistant Coach Collin Botrill speaks on the team's State Title run and their experience switching from Hudl Sideline to GameStrat for Sideline Replay.

Season Recap With FL 7A State Champions, St. Thomas Aquinas Raiders
Season Recap With FL 7A State Champions, St. Thomas Aquinas Raiders

St. Thomas Aquinas talks about their experience making the switch from Sportscope Edge Replay to GameStrat for sideline replay. After a nearly undefeated season, ending in a State Championship victory over Tampa Bay Tech, Assistant Head Coach Stevin Scott out of St. Thomas Aquinas High School in Fort Lauderdale, FL talks about the contributions GameStrat made this past season to their highly successful program.

Season Recap with AZ Open Division State Champions, Saguaro Sabercats
Season Recap with AZ Open Division State Champions, Saguaro Sabercats

The High School Football Arizona Open Division State Champions - Saguaro Sabercats - reflect on their experience using GameStrat for sideline replay.

Season Recap With FL 8A State Champions, Sanford Seminoles
Season Recap With FL 8A State Champions, Sanford Seminoles

We re-live some 2020 season highlights with Florida Class 8A State Champions, the Seminole Seminoles.Assistant Coach, Woody Cox, speaks on the team's undefeated season and their experience switching from Hudl Sideline to GameStrat for Sideline Replay.

Walton Raiders, GA - Case Study
Walton Raiders, GA - Case Study

As the Walton Raiders gear up for another big football season, we decided to take some time with Head Coach Daniel Brunner and TE Coach Patrick Kay to talk about their experience switching to GameStrat.

Prairie Falcons, WA - Case Study
Prairie Falcons, WA - Case Study

With the first week of summer practice underway, the Prairie High School Football Team is gearing up for another big fall football season in Vancouver, Washington. We decided to sit down for a talk about the GameStrat experience with Prairie Falcons Head Coach, Mike Peck , who is heading into ...

Season Recap With NC 3AA State Champions, Mount Tabor Spartans
Season Recap With NC 3AA State Champions, Mount Tabor Spartans

Coach Rich Brendle, of the Mount Tabor Spartans, speaks on closing out their season with a Class 3AA State Championship win and their experience using GameStrat for sideline replay.

Season Recap With MAIS 6A Champions, MRA Patriots
Season Recap With MAIS 6A Champions, MRA Patriots

Head Coach Herbert Davis and Coach John Weaver of Madison Ridgeland Academy talk about their undefeated championship season and experience with GameStrat Sideline Replay.

Union High School, OK - Case Study
Union High School, OK - Case Study

De Mashburn & Jonny Ulibarri - GameStrat Replay of the Week This week we had the pleasure of chatting with two great coaches from the Union High School staff about their experience making the switch to GameStrat. Coach De Mashburn is the linebackers coach and main man in charge of ...

Frederick Douglass  Broncos, KY - Case Study
Frederick Douglass Broncos, KY - Case Study

Evander Harris - GameStrat Replay of the Week After a rocky and uncertain offseason for everyone this year football is finally underway and the Frederick Douglass Broncos are off to a fantastic 4-1 start while being ranked 4th in the state of Kentucky (via MaxPreps). We had the pleasure of ...

Corona Centennial Huskies, CA - Case Study
Corona Centennial Huskies, CA - Case Study

Matt Logan - GameStrat Replay of the Week - Most coaches, especially in the SoCal area, have heard of the Corona Centennial Huskies and are familiar with Head Coach Matt Logan. They have been a perennial powerhouse in the state of California, finishing the 2019 season ranked 5th in the state ...

East Jefferson Warriors, LA - Case Study
East Jefferson Warriors, LA - Case Study

Frank Allelo & Ross Woods - GameStrat Replay of the Week For this edition of the GameStrat Replay of the Week we talked with two great coaches, Head Coach Frank Allelo and Offensive Coordinator Ross Woods of the East Jefferson Warriors in Louisiana.

Lake Taylor Titans, VA - Case Study
Lake Taylor Titans, VA - Case Study

Hank Sawyer & Sean Banks - GameStrat Replay of the Week The GameStrat Replay of the week is back with its first ever offseason edition! We had the pleasure to chat with both Head Coach Hank Sawyer and Assistant Coach Sean Banks. Last year they lead the Lake Taylor Titans ...

Colerain Cardinals, OH - Case Study
Colerain Cardinals, OH - Case Study

Jeff Woltz - Offensive Line Coach, Colerain High School (OH) Welcome to the first playoff edition of the GameStrat Replay of the Week! We have had the privilege to work with tons of teams this year that have made their state playoffs so we wanted to make sure to highlight ...


Centennial HS picture Centennial HS Matt Logan football Head Coach Corona, CA

Our experience in the past with other sideline replay systems was completely hit and miss. With GameStrat, we’re able to effectively look at video in between series for both offense and defense, the consistency of performance has been impressive. My overall experience with GameStrat has been phenomenal, there’s no reason not to choose GameStrat for sideline replay.

Colerain HS picture Colerain HS Jeff Woltz football Assistant Cincinnati, OH

GameStrat has worked 100% of the time this season! We’ve played 12 games and whether we are at home or on the road the setup has been so simple and the functionality has been flawless.

Beaumont H.S. picture Beaumont H.S. Jeff Steinberg football Head Coach Beaumont, CA

GameStrat was amazing for us and helped lead our team to a winning season! Our staff found it extremely easy to setup and use, and whenever we had a problem their support staff was available to troubleshoot our problems. We made the switch to GameStrat and I’d recommend them to anybody looking for the best sideline replay system.

Orange Park H.S. picture Orange Park H.S. Thomas MacPherson football Head Coach Orange Park, FL

We switched to GameStrat from Hudl Sideline and our coaching staff loved it. How easy it is to setup and use, and the video was instantly available to watch after every play. We were also blown away by their customer service because anytime we needed help we could get somebody on the phone and help fix our issue. I highly recommend GameStrat to anyone looking to take their football program to the next level.

Palatka HS picture Palatka HS Willie Fells football Head Coach Palatka, FL

GameStrat was amazing! Way better than the product we were using before, switching was one of the best things we did last year. I just wish we had done it sooner, would have saved us a lot of headaches.

Coronado H.S. picture Coronado H.S. Kurt Hines football Head Coach Coronado, CA

In my 20+ years of coaching high school football, GameStrat is one of the greatest tools I have ever used. Not only does it help us to make immediate game time adjustments, but the customer service is like none other!

If you aren’t using GameStrat, you (and your players), are missing out!

Lexington Christian Academy picture Lexington Christian Academy Joe Lebryk football Assistant Lexington, KY

We’ve had zero issues with GameStrat, we’ve always been able to connect, we’ve always had it up, we’ve had no issues with connectivity, no issues with video replay, the video is almost instantaneous it’s so quick. From an overall perspective of performance of the system its been better than we’ve ever had and better than we thought we could every have

Bullitt East H.S. picture Bullitt East H.S. Ethan Atchley football Head Coach Bullitt County, KY

GameStrat is the absolute best sideline replay system on the market. We originally used Hudl Sideline and had problems almost every single Friday night. GameStrat is the sideline replay system that we all envisioned as coaches.

Lake Taylor HS picture Lake Taylor HS Sean Banks football Assistant Norfolk, VA

The support was out of this world, you guys helped us tremendously! Overall everything was great and GameStrat was a big part of helping us win the state championship.

Orland H.S. picture Orland H.S. Nicholas Velazquez football Head Coach Orland, CA

We were using Hudl Sideline and needed to make a switch. GameStrat blew our expectations out of the water! If you are still using Hudl Sideline save yourself many headaches and switch to GameStrat now.

Maury HS picture Maury HS Dyrri McCain football Head Coach Norfolk, VA

We switched from Hudl Sideline and I don’t know why we didn’t do it earlier. The two aren’t even comparable, GameStrat was so much easier for us all around and allowed us to do way more in the game. We never had to wait for plays to download, everything was always there right when we needed it.

Almont H.S. picture Almont H.S. James Leusby football Head Coach Almont, MI

After 2.5 seasons using Hudl sideline and constant in-game connection issues, we decided to switch to GameStrat midway through the 2018 season. The equipment arrived promptly and the set-up process was quick and easy. Customer service led us through a set-up phone call which was incredibly helpful and informative. We used the system that evening for a JV game as a trial run and then we were ready to roll the next day for our varsity game. We ended up using GameStrat for the final 6 games of our season and never had a single connection issue. Each clip is available on the sideline iPads much faster than we experienced with Hudl Sideline and the iPad app is much easier to use while also having more options than Hudl's product. One of the best decisions we've made as a program.

Moon Valley HS picture Moon Valley HS Seth Millican football Head Coach Phoenix, AZ

We loved GameStrat, the biggest thing for us was that it was reliable and worked as advertised every single game. Having the clips save on the iPads to be able to easily review at half or on the bus home was a huge upgrade compared to the system we used last year.

Umatilla HS picture Umatilla HS Charlie Cerney football Head Coach Umatilla, FL

We used Hudl Sideline before and actually thought it was pretty good, but after switching to GameStrat there is no comparison. GameStrat is so reliable, so easy to setup and use, a total game changer for us.

Chaparral HS picture Chaparral HS Ben Argent football Assistant Temecula, CA

GameStrat was 20x better than what we were using before. Having easy access to both angles and being able to get in-game tendency reports was really huge for us.

St. Francis H.S. picture St. Francis H.S. Greg Calcagno football Head Coach Mountain View, CA

GameStrat was a huge upgrade this year to our sideline review system with our players and our halftime adjustments. The customer support including during games was so much better than anything that we have experienced. I highly recommend GameStrat.

Elmwood Park HS picture Elmwood Park HS Dylan Mack football Head Coach Elmwood Park, IL

GameStrat was amazing for us, it was like having 2 additional coaches on the sideline with us all game. I would recommend GameStrat to any coach using sideline replay.

Grayslake North HS picture Grayslake North HS Sam Baker football Head Coach Grayslake, IL

We switched to GameStrat from Hudl Sideline and it was easily one of the best decisions we made all year. It was so simple to make the switch and GameStrat was far more reliable.

Riverside HS picture Riverside HS Jeremy Ishmael football Assistant Painesville, OH

As a program who used GameStrat for the first time this past year, we would highly recommend using GameStrat for your sideline replay system. The in game quality of video is completely unmatched, and the tools at your disposal in game are unlike any other sideline replay system we have used. The set up is remarkably easy, the customer service we received was outstanding, and uploading to whatever platform you use for film storage is no problem at all. If you want to use the best product for sideline replay, make the switch to GameStrat.

Big Piney H.S. picture Big Piney H.S. Aaron Makelky football Head Coach Big Piney, WY

Our football program switched to GameStrat for our sideline replay system in 2018. The three factors that led us to GameStrat were: competitive pricing, technical capabilities, and customer support. We used Hudl Sideline in 2017, and the technical capabilities and support were both severely lacking. GameStrat did an introduction through FaceTime with our whole technology staff and walked us through the process. On game day we had access to a human being who knew the product and could help us troubleshoot or answer any questions we had. We were very satisfied with GameStrat, and plan on sticking with it in the future!

Tampa Bay Tech picture Tampa Bay Tech Jayson Roberts football Head Coach Tampa, FL

It's been awesome for us, it really made us realize how we've been playing with one hand tied behind our back these past couple years. To be able to see things right away and make those adjustments has been a total game changer.

Peru HS picture Peru HS Romison Saint-Louis football Head Coach Peru, IN

We love GameStrat, we've used it for a couple years now and its been consistent and reliable for us year after year.

East Bay H.S. picture East Bay H.S. Frank LaRosa football Head Coach Gibsonton, FL

GameStrat was incredibly useful in-game when coming off the field. We were able to correct issues on our way to some close wins on the field. The service was great! Anytime we needed, we could get on the phone and have 1-on-1 help!

Sheridan HS picture Sheridan HS Larry Wright football Head Coach Sheridan, IN

GameStrat was absolutely perfect for us, we made the switch from a competitor and it was one of the best decisions we made. Worked flawlessly every game in all conditions.

Hammond HS picture Hammond HS Steve Jones football Head Coach Hammond, LA

GameStrat worked fantastically for us, we never had a single issue. We were new to sideline replay this year and we were just blown away by how simple it was to setup and use.

East Jefferson HS picture East Jefferson HS Frank Allelo football Head Coach Metairie, LA

GameStrat was everything I hoped it would be and more! I was totally blown away just by how simple it was and how well it worked. We never had an issue, the connection was flawless, and we couldn't be happier!

Lakeview H.S. picture Lakeview H.S. Sean Rinehart football Head Coach Lakeview, MI

We thought GameStrat was incredibly useful all season. The ability to not only replay film on the sideline but to track important data was critical to our successes this season. We look forward to expanding the system even more for years to come.

Garnet Valley HS picture Garnet Valley HS Mike Ricci football Head Coach Glen Mills, PA

GameStrat was fantastic. From our standpoint and how we used it, GameStrat is light years ahead of Hudl Sideline. Far more reliable and the speed the iPads got the video on the sideline was tremendous, extremely reliable.

Farmington HS picture Farmington HS Kory Cioroch football Head Coach Farmington, MI

We loved it, GameStrat worked for us in every single situation. The setup was easy, we ran multiple iPads and it was always smooth, we never had any issue at all.

Albert Gallatin H.S. picture Albert Gallatin H.S. Drew Dindl football Head Coach Uniontown, PA

GameStrat was a tremendous resource for my staff and I during this season. It was a great coaching tool on our sideline during Friday nights. Adjustments could be made quick and easy and gave the players a great visual aid during the games. The customer service was great. Tunch was always available to help when needed. I highly recommend GameStrat.

Madison Ridgeland Academy picture Madison Ridgeland Academy John Weaver football Assistant Madison, MS

Top Sideline Replay in the Country

Mount Tabor HS picture Mount Tabor HS Rich Brendle football Head Coach Winston-Salem, NC

The setup with GameStrat was so simple and quick, but the biggest thing was the connection and reliability, we never had a single issue all year.

Mount Pleasant HS picture Mount Pleasant HS Michael Johns football Head Coach Mount Pleasant, NC

We loved GameStrat for so many reasons, it was so easy to setup, it took no time at all! That was a big upgrade over our old sideline replay system plus the fact that it worked all of the time, we never lost connection once, not at single glitch at home or on the road.

Andrews HS picture Andrews HS Scott Durham football Head Coach Andrews, SC

With Hudl Sideline it seemed like every time the kids came off and we wanted to look at something it was either 2-3 series behind, connectivity issues, or just not working at all, but now with GameStrat it’s just been BOOM, we pull it up, it’s right there, we go to whatever we want and look at whatever we need to immediately.

Park View HS picture Park View HS Josh Wild football Head Coach Sterling, VA

With GameStrat everything was super simple and we never had to worry about our sideline replay system going down. All of the plays came in instantly and whenever we needed help their support staff was available. Highly recommended!

Smyrna HS picture Smyrna HS Ben Kuhn football Assistant Smyrna, TN

GameStrat was phenomenal! There wasn’t one single game when it didn’t work, we didn’t have any issues at all. We’re for sure signing up again next year and we’ve recommended GameStrat to a bunch of other teams in our area.

Butler HS picture Butler HS John Puckett football Head Coach Vandalia, OH

We loved it, it never malfunctioned one time, never had a single issue with it. No problems setting it up, never lost the signal, nothing. It was awesome.

Rockwood Summit HS picture Rockwood Summit HS Eric Stewart football Head Coach Fenton, MO

The reliability has been the best thing that we have gotten out of GameStrat relative to Hudl Sideline in the past.

Olympia H.S. picture Olympia H.S. Eric Lyons football Head Coach Stanford, IL

This was my 4th season using sideline replay and in the past seasons I used hudl sideline. We found that system to be at best unreliable. The GameStrat system was excellent! Each week we could rely on the ability to make necessary in-game adjustments that we would not have otherwise been able to make. Furthermore, Tunch and his staff provide excellent customer service and support. We are looking forward to a continued partnership with GameStrat.

Emmett H.S. picture Emmett H.S. Rich Hargitt football Head Coach Emmett, ID

GameStrat was a huge asset in terms of a sideline replay system. We could always rely on it to work on Friday nights and whenever we had an issue ourselves, their tech support got us up and running. We were able to use GameStrat for some crucial in-game adjustments. I’ll never use another sideline replay system!

Michigan City H.S. picture Michigan City H.S. Phil Mason football Head Coach Michigan City, IN

We spent all off season researching for the right sideline replay system. Once we compared options, GameStrat was the front runner. It’s easy to setup and tech support was quick and helpful. To have access to game film moments after the play is incredible. GameStrat was the best decision this offseason. Now I can’t imagine a game without it.

Mary Star of the Sea HS picture Mary Star of the Sea HS Jason Gelber football Head Coach San Pedro, CA

We used Hudl Sideline before and it was always breaking down on us, we switched to GameStrat this year and it was flawless. We'll definitely be sticking with GameStrat in the future.

Western University picture Western University Greg Marshall football Head Coach London, ON

GameStrat worked great for us this year. Our coaches were able to review film in between series and our players were also receptive. The customer service was very personal and whenever we had an issue GameStrat was there to help.

University of Montreal picture University of Montreal Danny Maciocia football Head Coach Montreal, QC

GameStrat gives us a huge advantage on game day by being able to make effective in game adjustments. Also the level of customer service and support we have received has made the whole experience very enjoyable. I’ll always recommend GameStrat to any of my coaching colleagues looking for the best sideline replay system.

University of Waterloo picture University of Waterloo Chris Bertoia football Head Coach Waterloo, ON

GameStrat has user friendly software and the replay system was very beneficial to both our coaches and players. In addition the customer support and technical service was great!

Edmonton Wildcats picture Edmonton Wildcats Darcy Park football Head Coach Edmonton, AB

In my 20 years coaching, GameStrat has provided one of the biggest advances in game day operations. Providing up to the minute video and data information to all of our staff with an easy to operate system that will change the way you manage your team in game.

University of Ottawa picture University of Ottawa Jamie Barresi football Head Coach Ottawa, ON

GameStrat had a dramatic, positive affect on our offensive production. It is a very reliable tool that was easy to implement and use.

York University picture York University Warren Craney football Head Coach Toronto, ON

GameStrat was very easy for us to use on the sidelines. The ability to show our players game footage instantaneously was an unbelievable teaching tool, and the in-game corrections they received helped them immensely.

Clarkson Football North picture Clarkson Football North Larry Jusdanis football Head Coach Mississauga, ON

We have used GameStrat for all of our high school games in the U.S. and all I can say it was awesome! GameStrat is like having another coach on the sidelines - it was a tremendous sideline tool for all of our players. It enables us as a team to see video instantly and make adjustments immediately. I highly recommend it and will be using it forever

Carleton University picture Carleton University Steve Sumarah football Head Coach Ottawa, ON

Having used GameStrat for the first time this year I was amazed at the ease with which we could use it. It allowed our coaches to make adjustments on the fly with firsthand knowledge of what was occurring on the field. As the year went on we started using it during practice. The players loved the instant feedback it provided. Every team should have this capability as it will make your team better prepared for your opponent.

CJFL Ottawa Sooners picture CJFL Ottawa Sooners Paul Deek football Head Coach Ottawa, ON

Absolutely love this product! Seamless to install and very user friendly, the benefits to live data streaming are endless. Great job GameStrat.

University of Alberta picture University of Alberta Greg Knox football DC Edmonton, AB

The speed and reliability of GameStrat gave us a huge advantage on gameday and the support provided was extremely effective and personal. I would recommend GameStrat to any coach looking for the best sideline replay system.

Carleton University picture Carleton University Dave Smart basketball Head Coach Ottawa, ON

We use GameStrat for practices and games to give our players a competitive advantage. It allows our team to learn more efficiently from practice and to respond to in-game strategy changes quickly and confidently.

Canada Basketball picture Canada Basketball Phil Jevtovic basketball Men’s High Performance Coach ,

We use GameStrat with our teams for practices and games, for our coaches to be able to review video in real time and give instant feedback to our players. The set up is very simple and we can take it wherever we go and run it anywhere. GameStrat’s customer support is incredible: if we ever run into an issue, they are always available and we can count on them to help get things working again.

University of Toronto picture University of Toronto John Campbell basketball Head Coach Toronto, ON

GameStrat has proven to be a tremendous asset to our athletes and coaches. Players enjoy the real time feedback offered by the coaching staff through the ipad function. We have also been able to utilize half-time video for adjustments and teaching points. While we feel we are still scratching the surface of the interface it is already contributing to success.

University of Ottawa picture University of Ottawa James Derouin basketball Head Coach Ottawa, ON

GameStrat is at the cutting edge of video technology. Having live video feed to the bench has been an extremely valuable tool for our coaching staff. Working with the guys at GameStrat has been a great experience, they are there to help and support with all your video question and needs. Our program looks forward to continuing working with them for years to come.