Rockwood Summit Falcons, MO - Case Study
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Published Oct 1, 2019
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Replay of the Week - Case Study
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High School Football

Rockwood Summit Falcons, MO - Case Study

The Week 4 edition of the GameStrat Replay of the Week features Eric Stewart, Head Coach of the Rockwood Summit Falcons in Missouri. The Falcons have had a very successful start to the 2019 season, outscoring opponents 169-62 through 4 games. 


Coach Stewart first learned about GameStrat through Twitter. He was able to do some of his own research and hear a lot of positive things about us so he reached out! We got the Falcons setup well before their first game and they were able to practice with the system in order to be totally comfortable for week 1 under the lights!

Coach Stewart & Player


The Falcon’s coaching staff joined many other teams this year in switching over from Hudl Sideline and immediately noticed some major differences.


“The picture in picture, being able to jump back and forth between the end zone view and the press box view is really nice! Sometimes you see it on the press box view and you can’t really tell where the guy is aligned but I can seamlessly switch right over to that end zone view and see exactly what we need to be adjusting.”


 "It's invaluable to not have to waste a ton of time figuring out your technological issues"


Coach Stewart wasn’t the only one who took advantage of the easy switch between angles so he passed on what he’s been hearing from his guys.


“Our O-Line coach is raving about it right now because you can seamlessly go back and forth between the end zone and press box view and so we’ve been able to make several adjustments in our run game because of that. Before it was hit or miss if our end zone angle would work and we would often lose it at halftime so we wouldn’t even be able to make those adjustments up front. From the press box view you can’t tell if the guy is in a 4 tech head-up, or if he’s a 4-i, or if he’s outside and kids are an imperfect source of information sometimes because in the heat of battle they don’t always remember everything exactly the way it happened but it’s been really nice to take the questioning and second guessing out of it and we can just look.”


Every Coach can always use more time and with GameStrat you save yourself a lot of it when you don’t have to waste time troubleshooting during a game. Coach Stewart has seen this in a couple ways.


“The setup just makes more sense and you know that it’s working. Everything is logged on and you can actually see it on the main server computer so you can tell that you’re actually connected. Before it was like we were grasping at straws to even see if it was working… Now we come right back out from halftime after using the iPads to make adjustments and it connects right away, right back to the network and we’re able to go right back to where we were downloading the clips. It’s invaluable to not have to waste a ton of time figuring out your technological issues when you get back out for the second half.”



Overall when the game is on the line the Falcons have been able to rely on GameStrat.


“The reliability has been the best thing that we have gotten out of GameStrat relative to Hudl Sideline in the past… For GameStrat this is your deal, this is what you guys do and it shows”

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