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Why coaches are switching to GameStrat


Unlike our competition, we never drop a connection or stop working, so you don’t stress at game time.

It just works.

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The plays are always there when you need them.

Zero loading time.

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Plug and play system. So simple anyone can do it.

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Always available to help, especially on game day.

We’ve got your back.

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  • Uploads easily to Hudl
  • Only takes 1 person to operate
  • Doesn't require WiFi or Internet at your stadium


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Recording Features

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Replay Features

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Additional Features

  • Recording tags icon Recording tags selected icon Tag Plays While Recording
  • Recording auto tags icon Recording auto tags selected icon Automated Tagging
  • Recording instant icon Recording instant selected icon Real-time Video Transfer
  • Recording multi angle icon Recording multi angle selected icon Multi-Angle Recording

Tag Plays as You’re Recording

As you're recording a play, you have the ability to change tags as needed. This way you’re able to capture more data and will have less to do once you’re done recording.

Recording tags v2

Predictive and Automated Tagging

Our system automatically calculates and prepares a set of tags for the next play based on your previous input. You will be able to tag every clip without any trouble at all.

Recording auto tags

Replay Videos Immediately After The Play

As soon as the play is done, your iPads will be able to begin reviewing. Due to our unique file-transferring algorithm, we are able to have the fastest transferring system on the market!

Recording instant

One Operator for Two Angles

With our sophisticated software, it only requires one camera operator to simultaneously record two angles. You’ll have the ability to control recording from one computer. The cut ups from both angles will be perfectly synced and sent to the iPads on the sideline or in the press box.

Recording multi angle
  • Playback pic in pic icon Playback pic in pic selected icon Picture in Picture
  • Playback telestration icon Playback telestration selected icon Telestration
  • Playback controls icon Playback controls selected icon Easy Controls
  • Playback filter icon Playback filter selected icon Play Filtering
  • Playback fav flag icon Playback fav flag selected icon Flag & Favorite
  • Playback edit tags icon Playback edit tags selected icon Tag Editing
  • Playback zoom icon Playback zoom selected icon Pinch to Zoom

Switch Between Angles With a Tap

You’re able to watch both the sideline and end zone angles simultaneously with our picture in picture capabilities. The videos will be synced and switching between them is as simple as tapping on the other video. You can also hide one angle if needed.

Draw On The Video

With GameStrat, you’re able to draw on the video either while it’s paused or while it’s playing. You have the ability to choose different colors or erase a drawing if needed.

Full Control at Your Finger Tips

Our system gives coaches and players the freedom to replay video in everyway possible. Whether you want to fast forward, slow down, step back, or switch between the next and previous clips, it’s all right there at your fingertips.

Find Exactly What You’re Looking For

With our filtering system, you can narrow down the type of plays and find exactly what you’re looking for.

Mark Plays to Quickly Find Later

Favorite or flag key plays so that you can easily refer back to them at any point in the game.

Input or Change Tags

Play tags can be entered or changed at any time. If the person recording either misses a tag or makes a mistake, you can easily enter in a new field.

Zoom In to Get a Closer Look

Zoom in on any section by pinching on the screen. You can even watch a portion of the play while being zoomed in.

  • Exporting
  • Reports & Stats
  • Virtual Whiteboard

Upload or Export Videos & Breakdown Data

Our system stores each video file as an MP4, allowing you to export or make use of it again. You can either view the video offline or export it to your post game systems.

Real-Time Reporting

Have the ability to check your team’s effectiveness and also pick up on opponents’ tendencies.

Draw Up Plays and Schemes

Forget traditional whiteboards or play books. Our virtual whiteboard allows coaches to create new plays right on the sideline or up in the booth, and share them instantly with other viewing devices.


Sale effective until Feb 29, 2020


Press Box Angle

$575/year $450

  • iPhone/iPad Recording
  • Advanced & Automated Tagging
  • Export Video & Breakdown Data
  • 24/7 Support
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Pro Press Box

Press Box Angle

$975/year $800

  • Camera Recording
  • Advanced & Automated Tagging
  • Export Video & Breakdown Data
  • 24/7 Support
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Pro End Zone

End Zone Angle

$1275/year $1100

  • Camera Recording
  • Advanced & Automated Tagging
  • Export Video & Breakdown Data
  • 24/7 Support
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Press Box & End Zone Angles

$1675/year $1400

  • Camera Recording
  • Advanced & Automated Tagging
  • Export Video & Breakdown Data
  • 24/7 Support
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GameStrat knows that every team has their own unique setup.
We have many options to choose from and we can also provide custom solutions.
*Our prices above are for high schools only. For any other inquiry, please contact us.