Pittsburgh Central Catholic, PA - Case Study
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Published Apr 14, 2024
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Replay of the Week - Case Study
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Pittsburgh Central Catholic, PA - Case Study

Pittsburgh's Central Catholic High School is a preparatory school with a very rich history in the state of Pennsylvania. After another successful season under Head Coach Ryan Lehmeier, finishing 1st in the WPIAL Conference with a 10-2 overall and 5-0 conference record, we decided to sit down with Coach Lehmeier and reflect on his experience using GameStrat over the last 3 seasons.



Central Catholic Offensive Line Coach Tim Sasson using GameStrat to make coaching points to his players on the sidelines.


Coach Lehmeier and the Vikings made the switch to GameStrat when he took over as the head man at Central Catholic in 2023. The Pennsylvania native described how he had used GameStrat at his previous two stops with Pine Richland HS and Seneca Valley HS, where he served as the Offensive Coordinator. 


We asked Coach Lehmeier what it was about GameStrat that made him want to switch to us when he got to Central Catholic. Coach Lehmeier stated that it was the overall functionality and reliability of the product that made it a no-brainer for himself and his staff.


Once we started using it, seeing how simple & efficient it was, there was no way we would switch and use anything else.



Central Catholic coach using GameStrat to make in-game adjustments on the sidelines.



We asked Coach Lehmeier about his loyalty to GameStrat, and where that stemmed from. He spoke about how 6 years ago, when he was at Pine Richland, they were experiencing problems with their previous sideline replay system. After going through issues every week, they decided to search for sideline replay alternatives and that's when they heard about GameStrat.


We previously had Hudl Sideline and every week there were problems. We asked around for alternatives and everyone kept telling us ‘You need to try GameStrat’. This was 5 years ago and we haven’t looked back since.




Having used GameStrat for over 5 years, the Vikings Head Coach has tons of experience operating the system. We asked Coach Lehmeier to look back and describe his overall experience using the product throughout the years.


It’s been tremendous, from setting it up, the ability it has on game day, and even the customer support the few times we’ve needed it. Our experience with GameStrat has been super low maintenance and user friendly. 



Central Catholic coach making in-game adjustments using GameStrat.


We closed out our call by asking Coach Lehmeier what he would say to a coach that is contemplating making the switch to GameStrat for sideline replay, and his response spoke volumes.


Get your check ready and do it. It's the best decision that we've made. You can make in-game adjustments and be able to see everything. It just gives your coaches and most importantly gives your players perspective instantaneously.

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