3 Reasons Coaches Are Switching To GameStrat for Sideline Replay in 2024
Blog chevron-right 3 Reasons Coaches Are Switching To GameStrat for Sideline Replay in 2024
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Published Apr 2, 2024
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3 Reasons Coaches Are Switching To GameStrat for Sideline Replay in 2024

The off-season is in full swing as teams make improvements in preparation for spring & fall seasons, and the GameStrat team is no exception! We have been working tirelessly these last couple months to ensure all GameStrat users are getting the absolute best sideline replay product possible on Friday nights this upcoming season.


This year's biggest improvement yet has been the removal of the endzone laptop from our Premium Package, which we talk about in depth here.


Aside from that, we wanted to highlight 3 of the key reasons why more & more coaches are switching to GameStrat for sideline replay every year. 


Reliability & Performance


When we built GameStrat, reliability & performance of the system was our #1 priority. We wanted to ensure that no matter the stadium, the conditions, or the situation - GameStrat would always be there for our users in the most critical moments of a game.


GameStrat has worked day in and day out - and that's the biggest thing you can ask for from a sideline replay system. It takes all the stress out of game day.

-Travis Foster, Head Coach at Shadow Ridge HS, NV



GameStrat creates its very own WiFi network that all of your iPads can connect to, eliminating the need for WiFi at your stadium.  Unlike our competitors, our server works off of a laptop in the press box which is hardwired by Ethernet into the GameStrat router. This connection allows GameStrat to deliver INSTANT video transfer. No matter the length of the clip, it will always be available instantly on the iPads when you need it most.



GameStrat Transfer Speeds

Number of Viewing iPads

Length of Video 

Download Time (Seconds)


10 seconds

< 1 second


30 seconds

< 1 second


1 minute

< 1 second


3 minutes

< 1 second

To learn more on the performance of the GameStrat system, click here.


Coaches are always blown away at how quickly they receive video clips on the iPads with the GameStrat system relative to their previous systems.


The download speed of the clips to the sideline are the fastest and most consistent that I’ve ever had.

-De Mashburn, Linebacker Coach Union HS, OK



Ease of Use & Setup: Plug & Play Advantage


Our goal is to make it as simple as possible for GameStrat users to use our system. Coaches don't need to be super tech savvy to set up or operate GameStrat - meaning one less thing to worry about on game day.


The GameStrat system always comes "pre-plugged" when your case arrives.  All you have to do is take things out and plug them into a power source. 

 gamestrat-sideline-replay-pre-plugged-equipmentGameStrat Premium Package pre-plugged hardware cases.


The most impressive part was how easy it was to set up. Out of the box, we were ready to go in about 10 minutes and it was as simple as described. GameStrat saved us an immense amount of time, money and frustration.

-Shane Queen, Head Coach at North Cobb HS, GA


Setting up in 10 minutes is great, but how does it operate in a live game? GameStrat is not only easy to setup, it's also incredibly user friendly and easy to work with. The user interface on the iPad was designed so that coaches can access their clips seamlessly, so they can make the adjustments they need to make as quickly as possible.


GameStrat has been the easiest to use. I really like how you guys break up the plays by series too, it’s so much easier to find the plays that you’re looking for. At least once a game our defensive line coach will ask me about something that his players did or didn’t do and I just pull out the tablet, run it over to him and he’s able to make that adjustment on the go.

-Marcus Neeson, Defensive Coordinator at Apopka HS, FL



Apopka Blue Darters DC Marcus Neeson using GameStrat to make in-game adjustments.


Support: GameStrat Stands By You

Lastly, and arguably our biggest differentiator from our competitors is our customer support. If you're paying for a system and it isn't working for you prior to kickoff for whatever reason, that is a problem. We are committed to making sure all GameStrat users receive all the support they need in order to get the system up and running.


GameStrat has a dedicated game day support phone line during the football season to make sure that we're always available to help if something comes up leading up to or during your game. Our regular business hours are Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm ET, however during the fall months on Thursdays and Fridays our phone hours go from 9am - 12am ET, and on Saturdays from 10am - 9pm ET. To learn more about our support line, click here.


Your customer service and accessibility, makes us feel like we’re your only client, and I know we’re not, but you guys are so good with getting back to us as soon as we need, and the customer service is just top notch.

-Kurt Hines, Head Coach at Coronado HS, CA



We also remain in constant communication throughout the season with all of our GameStrat users. From pre-season check ins, to weekly check-ins throughout the season, to post season follow-ups, we are always trying to hear from you guys on your experience. 


The icing on the cake really is the customer service. In coaching, relationships matter and the support and commitment we had from GameStrat to help make sure we were dialled in is what impressed me. Pre-season, throughout the season, GameStrat was constantly checking in & following up and also supporting our program. It felt like GameStrat was part of the team and was invested in our program and our success on the field.

-Jason Mohns, Former Head Coach at Saguaro HS, AZ


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