GameStrat No Longer Requires an End Zone Laptop!
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Author Tunch Akkaya
Published Mar 1, 2024
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GameStrat No Longer Requires an End Zone Laptop!

Going into the 2024 season, GameStrat's Premium 2 angle package will no longer require an end zone computer/laptop for coaches to run the system. 


For years, GameStrat has been known for its reliability, simple setup, ease of use and as well for their unparalleled support during the football season and especially on game days. Hundreds of football programs have switched to GameStrat for their sideline replay system needs from Hudl Sideline and many other systems. The biggest objection that we would hear from coaches was the hurdle of requiring an end zone computer/laptop to run our Premium 2 angle package (Press Box and End Zone Angles)... We understood that this was sometimes an initial inconvenience, however coaches have always prioritized reliability and performance on game days over the small hassle of needing a computer in the end zone. At the end of the day coaches simply want a sideline replay system that they can rely on when it matters most.  After years of testing and ensuring that the reliability of the GameStrat system would not be compromised, we've improved and found a way to no longer need an end zone computer to run our premium two angle package. 


The key benefits of making this change for the GameStrat system are:


  • Teams will now only require one computer in the press box, removing the requirement of a second computer in the end zone. 
    • The end zone computer requirement is now replaced by a robust GameStrat video streaming device which streams the video to the press box computer to be captured.


  • The GameStrat video streaming device is compact and small, once powered on, simply needing to be connected to the network as well as the video feed. It can easily be placed into the end zone case protecting from inclement weather, while also coming with it's own built in HDMI splitter. 
    • The built in HDMI splitter will allow coaches to run a video feed direct to an end zone monitor if needed.


  • The GameStrat video streaming device will be a much more consistent and easier device to troubleshoot with way less variables when compared to an end zone laptop. 




GameStrat-Video-Streaming-Device-#1 GameStrat-Video-Streaming-Device-#2


GameStrat will still and always require a computer/laptop in the press box due to its greater reliability and ease of use. By using a laptop, this gives the GameStrat system the ability to hardwire into the network via Ethernet, resulting in the fastest, most consistent and reliable connection possible. This is all the more crucial and important for the server device in any sideline replay system to be hardwired because of all of the heavy workload of capturing video and transferring across all iPad devices. Every other sideline replay system has an iPad acting as their server device always connected over WiFi, resulting in a much slower network experience, sometimes as much as 5-10 times slower. This is one the biggest things coaches notice when switching to GameStrat from any other sideline replay system, specifically how instant and fast videos are downloaded onto every single iPad in the stadium. 




For any existing GameStrat teams with older hardware, feel free to reach out to to learn more about the hardware upgrading options!


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