Is Sideline Replay Technology Coming to NCAA Football in 2024?
Blog chevron-right Is Sideline Replay Technology Coming to NCAA Football in 2024?
Author Tunch Akkaya
Published Mar 7, 2024
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Is Sideline Replay Technology Coming to NCAA Football in 2024?

Rolling into the 2024 season, college football may be on the verge of allowing sideline replay technology for the first time in its history. 


Back in 2013, the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS), introduced a rule officially allowing video technology to be used during games at the high school level. For over a decade now, this has changed the way that high school football coaches coach the game and how teams are gaining a competitive advantage on game day, especially when using a system like GameStrat


NCAA Football first began exploring the possibility of introducing sideline tablet technology back in 2016, originally being approved by the Rules Committee but then being shot down by the commissioners. 


One big difference this time around is that there were multiple successful tests of teams using sideline replay technology in this past season's bowl games. 

There are over 800 college football programs across five different divisions: FBS Division 1, FCS Division 1, Division 2, Division 3, NAIA and NJCAA. Outside of the top tier big budget programs, a definite concern has always been: how could this be implemented throughout all divisions?


Just as of Feb. 14, 2024, the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) football head coaches unanimously approved the implementation of two new technology initiatives beginning with the 2024 football season, pending final approval from the NCAA Football Rules Committee. One of those technology initiatives being that ACC football teams will have access to in-game video. Also as of March 1, 2024, the NCAA Football Rules Committee has also proposed new technology rules for the upcoming 2024 season (pending further approval).


Regardless of program size or budget, that's where GameStrat can be the perfect solution for any NCAA football program.


GameStrat is the market leader when it comes to sideline replay systems, currently working with over 500 of the top high school football programs across the country. At GameStrat, sideline replay is the only thing that we do and specialize in, while being fully compatible with Catapult Thunder (XOS), DVSport or Hudl.

Cathedral Catholic Dons, CA - Case Study 

The GameStrat system is also completely wireless, functioning independently in any stadium without the need for existing Internet or networking infrastructure. With GameStrat, there is no requirement for fiber or hardwiring your stadium as with some other systems.
Overview Diagram
Coaches trust GameStrat because it is:
  • Extremely reliable
  • Delivers the fastest video transfer times in the industry
  • Simple to setup and use
  • Unparalleled game day and in season support



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