Live to Bench Replay: Boosting Team Confidence & Performance
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Published Mar 26, 2024
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Live to Bench Replay: Boosting Team Confidence & Performance

As much as I want to help GameStrat grow throughout the league, and I wish everybody would use it…I hope nobody does, because we’re very competitive and it’s a huge advantage. 

-Ryan Papaioannou, Head Coach & GM of the Brooks Bandits (BCHL)


In a fast paced environment like hockey, every move matters. However, the speed of the game also makes it difficult for coaches to see all the little details that may lead to a certain play.


That's where technology is stepping in to help teams in a big way. Live to bench replay, commonly known as sideline replay in football, is now here to make a difference in hockey. 


How Live to Bench Replay Works in Hockey

Live to bench replay works by connecting to your existing camera feed, capturing that video through a laptop, and sending it down to your iPads on the bench via our closed, offline network. That network is created by just 1 antenna that is quick and easy to set up, portable to take on the road, and extremely reliable. Once you begin a recording on the GameStrat software, the video instantly gets sent down to the iPads on the bench where you can review.


To learn more on how the GameStrat system works, click here.


What is the Purpose of Live to Bench Replay?

Live to bench replay gives coaches & players the ability to analyze the game in real time in order to make key adjustments and coaching points.



This helps both players and coaches see where people are positioned, what exactly happened, and any other key information that may have been missed in real time.


Think of a crucial moment during a game. Having live video at your fingertips allows you to waste no time in reviewing that play or situation, the same way you traditionally would after a game, or between periods. Every second counts and making those adjustments in real time can be the difference between winning and losing.


It took our guys one shift to pick it up. Half the time they’re grabbing the iPad from me before I get the chance to show them because they really want to see it.

-Rick Steadman, London Knights (OHL) Assistant Coach 




How Live to Bench Replay Boosts Team Performance

Coaching adjustments: Coaches can make adjustments right away based on what they see, making the most of the other team's weaknesses and their own strengths.


Visual reference: Coaches can reinforce their coaching points by showing a visual reference point as to what they’re talking about.


Team confidence: When players know they have a game plan based on real time information, they play with more confidence.


Game-deciding choices: Having a quick look at important moments helps make better decisions in the games crucial moments.


Why Live to Bench Replay is a Big Deal in Hockey

This tech isn't just a cool tool. It's about making hockey better. It's about using live video to help teams perform at their best and put the best product on the ice.


While still relatively new, the NHL has already fully embraced the technology, and it’s now making its way into Junior leagues across North America.



It makes it a lot easier to watch and coach the game. If you see that someone made a mistake on the ice, when you go to give them feedback you can watch it with them and show them exactly where they made the mistake.

-Rick Steadman, London Knights (OHL) Assistant Coach 

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