Canada's National Junior A Champions, Brooks Bandits
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Published Sep 7, 2022
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Canada's National Junior A Champions, Brooks Bandits

Closing out their 2021-2022 season with yet another National Championship victory is the Brook Bandits.


The fourth franchise to win back-to-back national titles, and the third to win three championships, the Brooks Bandits continue to earn respect at the National level.

Finishing the regular season with a record of 52-6-2 and 106 points, the 2021-2022 Brooks Bandits earned a place under several categories in the AJHL Record Book. The Bandits tied for third in the category of most wins, tied for sixth for fewest losses, and tied for fourth for most points.


The Bandits have captured the Dave Duchak Trophy as AJHL Regular Season Champions six times under the leadership of Head Coach and GM, Ryan Papaioannou - making him the all time leader in AJHL Championships as a Head Coach. Coach Papaioannou, for the third time, earned the AJHL Coach of the Year award for this outstanding performance this past season.


We had the opportunity to sit down with Coach Papaioannou and Assistant Coach Taylor Makin to get the break down on the impact GameStrat Replay had on their Championship run.


In his opening remarks, Coach Papaioannou illustrated the benefits using iPads on the bench for instant replay as a coaching tool.


I became 10x better at my job because now I don’t have to think I saw something - instantly I know. And if I know, then the players know.


Coach Makin added that having the iPads for instant replay on the bench not only improves coaching efficiency on the bench, but also promotes self-sufficiency for players to make real time adjustments during games and practices.


Players are eager to gain insights in real-time. Coach Papaioannou shared with us about the positive reaction the Bandits coaching staff have witnessed from recruits and players upon introducing instant replay on the bench.


The players use the iPads all the time. We used GameStrat Replay every day, at every single practice and every game. You almost knew after a shift, which guy was going to come off and want to watch something to get that instant feedback.


When asked about the overall experience of implementing GameStrat Reply, Coach Papaioannou emphasized the advantage of utilizing instant replay on the bench.


The only problem with the iPads is that I use it too much! As much as I want to help GameStrat grow through out the league, and I wish everybody would use it…I hope nobody does, because we’re very competitive and it’s a huge advantage.

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