GameStrat Football 2022 Season Updates
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Published Jul 31, 2022
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GameStrat Football 2022 Season Updates

We've made a ton of improvements going into the 2022 football season. Read below for more details and you can download the latest versions from our Downloads Page!


v6.2.0 Updates



iPad Full-Screen TV Out

This one comes with popular demand. For any coach that has used a TV on the sidelines, they will immediately know what we're talking about. We've added a setting that when connected to a TV or external monitor and viewing the video in full screen, the only thing that displays is the video that's being watched, as well as any drawings made or if you zoom in on the video. Allowing for a much easier and clearer film session with all of your players on the sidelines!


Watch the video below to see how it works. 






Review Mode on Laptop

We know most teams export the video out of GameStrat into Hudl or other film exchange platforms post game, however we wanted to give an extra piece of flexibility where if you wanted to watch film offline, this can now easily be done! You can even share games to other computers that have GameStrat downloaded and use that for offline viewing as well. This will be useful for bus rides home, flights, or any scenarios in which you don’t have internet access. GameStrat now gives you the flexibility to watch from anywhere and at anytime.


This is the first version of our laptop review mode so there will definitely be many improvements in the future. Watch the video below to learn more. 







Hudl Focus Integration




Many more general improvements 

  • WiFi strength indicators for all connected iPads displayed on the operating computer 
  • Ability to see the end zone camera state from the operating computer 
  • Automatic No Signal detection of video feed with an alert 
  • Automatic alert when computer has privacy settings blocking camera feed connections
  • Warning indicator for when the operating computer is connected over WiFi instead of Ethernet
  • Ability to customize Breakdown Data output file for individual outputs 
  • Added “Delete All” button for saved games on the computer
  • Redesigned iOS lobby screen
  • Many backend connectivity and reliability improvements  


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