Benefits of GameStrat Sideline Replay at Practice
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Published Mar 7, 2023
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Benefits of GameStrat Sideline Replay at Practice

The value of sideline replay on game days is undeniable - but how can coaches leverage it in the day to day practices leading up to Friday night?


If you’re already paying for the technology, you may as well get your money’s worth. 


We started using it during practice as well and it eliminates the down time that guys have standing around on the sideline. As soon as we’re done with a session we come off the field and go over what we just ran. Defensively we’re on the smart board using GameStrat while the offense is on the field and then we’ll switch.

-Marcus Neeson, AC at Apopka High School


In this blog post we will go over the 3 major benefits of incorporating sideline replay technology in your weekly practice schedule.




Instant Feedback


One of the most significant benefits of sideline replay technology is the ability to provide instant feedback to players and coaches. As former players, we know the value that each practice rep carries, and you want to stay sharp in practice so that it can reflect better play on game days. 


Sideline replay allows you instant feedback on any given play and eliminates the process of having to wait until after practice to watch a particular rep & coach it up. 


Any time you can get information in real-time, you can make better adjustments.  

-Scott Basden, HC at Muscle Shoals High School, AL


Let’s say it’s Tuesday and you just installed 3 new plays to use against your opponent on Friday night. You go out 1st period of practice against the scout team and the execution is just not there. 


Traditionally, coaches would need to devote a whole walkthrough period, or even scratch that play off their script until they can coach it up the next day.


With sideline replay, these same adjustments can be made live at practice, allowing you to fix up what went wrong and hit the ground running next period.



 Photo by Gil McGlynn/St. Joseph's Prep.


Quicker Learning


Many high school football coaches have very limited time in the film room with their players. Utilizing sideline replay at practice solves that issue, allowing you to coach things up right there on the field, and it doesn’t require any additional time outside of practice.


Not to mention, a player might have 50+ reps in any given practice, so to wait until after practice, there’s a chance they don’t remember all the small intricate details that led them to do XYZ. 


Having sideline replay in practice allows the coach to ask the player questions, while it’s still fresh in their minds so that they can learn from it & move on ASAP.

Improved Communication


As you know, certain players respond better to different methods of coaching. Every kid has their own learning style, and part of being a great coach is being able to convey information effectively in potentially several different ways to cater to different players.


  Sometimes people don't want to admit they made a mistake, or maybe they aren't even aware they made one - so it's really easy to make those adjustments before the next play or next series.

-Sean Doyle, HC at Cathedral Catholic, CA


What might seem like an elementary coaching point to you as a coach of 10+ years, might be a foreign language to a young player with no reference as to what you’re talking about.  




Sideline replay allows you to bridge your coaching points with live visuals so that your athlete can understand exactly what is required. 


How To Implement


The most common pushback with using sideline replay at practice is that coaches don’t have time. They want to get as many reps as possible in their limited time at practice. However, some of the coaches that use GameStrat at practice actually delegate this to their players.


Your players know how the technology works, and putting that responsibility on them not only frees up time so that coaches can focus on coaching, but also instills a continuous learning culture that every coach wants from their players.


As the 1st team offense comes off the field and waits for their next period, they can look at the film together as a unit and fix anything that went wrong so they can be sharp going into their next period.


To recap, utilizing sideline replay at practice can help you to:


  • Provide instant feedback
  • Facilitate the learning process
  • Develop better communication with your players


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