Premium Package

Use existing cameras to record 2 angles from the press box and end zone, providing high quality video on the sidelines.
Requires only one person to operate.

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Overview Diagram
  • laptop 1 Computer (Windows or Mac) with recommended specs:
    • memory 8GB RAM (or more)
    • usb-port USB 3.0 or adapter
    • ethernet Gigabit Ethernet Port or Adapter (GbE)
    • chip Processor
      • microsoft-windows Intel or AMD processor.
        ARM not supported.
        i7 or better.
      • apple Intel or M series processor.
        i7 or better.
    • application-brackets-outline Operating System:
      • cpu-64-bit 64 bit
      • microsoft-windows Windows 10+
      • apple Mac OS X Monterey 12 or later
  • video-vintage 2 Existing cameras for recording
  • power-plug-outline Power source
Equipment included
  • router-wireless Press box router
  • antenna 2 wireless antennas
  • satellite-uplink 2 bridge antennas
  • cable-data Ethernet & HDMI cables
  • call-split HDMI Splitter
  • tools Mount kit
  • play-network-outline 2 Capture devices
  • format-text-wrapping-wrap Velcro straps
  • file-document-check-outline Instruction manual


Press Box & End Zone Angles

$1975 / Season

2 Cameras Recording video-outline video-outline
  • check-bold Advanced & Automated Tagging
  • check-bold Export Video & Breakdown Data
  • check-bold Game Day Support
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All of the hardware comes in two convenient carrying cases, one for the press box and one for the end zone, pre-plugged in for an easy set up.
Premium Package Press Box Case Front
Premium Package End Zone Case Front
Premium Package Press Box Case Inside
Premium Package End Zone Case Inside

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