Is GameStrat Compatible with Hudl? - Yes.
Blog chevron-right Is GameStrat Compatible with Hudl? - Yes.
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Published Apr 2, 2020
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Is GameStrat Compatible with Hudl? - Yes.

Are you stuck using Hudl for film exchange but want to have something better than Hudl Sideline for instant replay? We’ve got you covered because not only is GameStrat fully compatible with Hudl but some would even say that GameStrat actually complements Hudl better than Hudl Sideline!





With GameStrat, all of your video and breakdown data are stored on the computer so after the game it’s a seamless transition to get everything into Hudl. Everything is saved on the laptop and exporting is as simple as a few clicks. 








The only thing you need to do is click the upload button in Hudl and then select the video files that are stored on your computer within GameStrat. The best part about having both the press box and end zone angles with GameStrat is that all of the plays will ALWAYS match up, meaning that the whole game is ready to be intercut and requires no extra work from you. 





Your tech coach will thank you for making the switch to GameStrat.


On top of that, all of the breakdown data also uploads into Hudl seamlessly. Once imported, everything will perfectly match Hudl's default tags.  




No more staying up until 2am on Friday night, breaking down the game or waiting until the next day for Hudl Assist to get back to you. It’s already done.


Enjoy the rest of your Friday night!

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