Baylor Football - NCAA Tablet Technology Case Study
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Published Jun 5, 2024
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Replay of the Week - Case Study
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Baylor Football - NCAA Tablet Technology Case Study


Baylor Football wasn't waiting around for the NCAA to decide on sideline tablet technology. They took a proactive approach, researching and implementing the GameStrat Sideline Instant Replay system in their training this spring. This allowed their coaches to experience the advantages of instant feedback and streamlined film review firsthand, and get ready to utilize the system at full capacity this fall.
"At the time we didn't know for sure if sideline tablets would be approved or not," shared Kaleb Wood, Baylor's Director of Football Technology. "But our coaches wanted some form of tablet replay system in their hand as soon as possible so they could get familiar with how it worked & figuring out the processes of how they would use it to be even more efficient."


Now with the NCAA officially approving in-game video technology, we thought it was only right to sit down & learn what the Baylor staff had to say about using the GameStrat system this spring. We had the privilege of speaking with Baylor's Director of Football Technology Kaleb Wood and Associate Director of Football Technology, Jack DeBrincat, to discuss their experience using the GameStrat sideline replay system to date.



Baylor Football's McLane Stadium. 

The coaches began by highlighting the value of immediate feedback that the coaching staff at Baylor Football was able to get from their analysts utilizing the tablet technology on the sidelines after each play.


One of our analysts was able to stand right next to our OC and give real-time feedback after every play like 'They're running this, we didn't see that on film' or 'Against this formation, they're lining up in XYZ.' and that immediate feedback is huge for our play caller.




Photo Credits: SicEm365/Jack Mackenzie



When asking about their experience setting up the system, the coaches described it as very straight forward. As recommended, the staff did a test run in an office setting to get familiar with the setup before taking it out to the stadium.


We got the system quickly and were able to get it up and running very easily. The instructions that were given with the system were super easy to follow along with, so once we took it to the stadium it was honestly plug & play and pretty straightforward. We got it set up at training and had our coaches and players using it right away.




Photo Credits: SicEm365/Jack Mackenzie


GameStrat has many unique tagging features which makes it easier for you to reference a certain clip at any given time. The Bears were able to test out GameStrat's starring feature in their spring game, streamlining the film review process on the sidelines.


We were tagging certain plays for certain groups, for example - every clip tagged as yellow is for the RB's, everything blue is for the Oline, green for WR's - this made the review for each of these units even more efficient because then we were able to just hand over the iPads to the different position groups for them to review separately, and it's the same thing on the defensive side.



We asked Kaleb & Jack to speak about the potential of sideline tablet technology in college football going forward and how beneficial they think it will be for both coaches & players to have that instant feedback on the sidelines and in the booth.


It's huge! As much as the players and coaches prepare throughout the week watching film & prepping for their opponent, sometimes the picture can change on game day. So having this technology allows you to either confirm what you saw on film or identify new things they may be throwing at you and then adjust accordingly in real time. It's a game changer for any football program to have a tool like this.




Photo Credits: SicEm365/Jack Mackenzie


Although the Football Technology staff members are still unsure whether their FBS conferences will be instating conference wide solutions or not, they mentioned GameStrat will be a solution for any team looking for a sideline instant replay system that can be used on game days as well as practice, since systems like DVSport will require DVSport staff members in attendance to run the system - while the GameStrat system is both 100% portable and only requires one person to operate. 


On top of GameStrat being wireless and flexible, GameStrat is also future proof and can function with existing hardware infrastructure such as fiber and Ethernet hardwiring in case teams decide to make future installations.

By proactively adopting and testing the GameStrat instant replay system, Baylor Football has already gained valuable experience with sideline tablet technology that will pay off for them this fall. The coaches were able to get instant feedback, streamline film review with tagging features, and make real-time adjustments. GameStrat is proud to work with programs like Baylor Football, who are committed to improving each day.

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