San Diego Seals, NLL - Case Study
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Published May 29, 2024
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San Diego Seals, NLL - Case Study

The San Diego Seals recently wrapped up another highly successful season, boasting a franchise-best record  of 13-5, and an impressive home record of 8-1. A key contributor to their success this season? Their investment in live to bench instant replay technology.


We had the chance to sit down with Dylan Altman, Analytics Coordinator for the Seals, prior to the start of the playoffs to get his insight on how the team has been using GameStrat this season to transform operations on the bench.



San Diego Seals forward #83 Austin Staats behind the net vs the Albany Firewolves in 2024 NLL playoff semi-finals.


To begin, we asked Dylan what convinced the Seals to implement GameStrat and why they decided to jump on board for live to bench replay. He mentioned that after asking around about insights on any live to bench video companies, they learned that several other teams in the NLL were already using GameStrat. In fact, GameStrat currently works with 7 of the 15 NLL franchises.


We were looking for something simplistic and reliable, and that’s how we found GameStrat - and that's exactly the experience we've gotten so far.


After going the full season using GameStrat for live to bench replay, we asked what the Seals thought about the GameStrat system and their experience using the iPads on the bench. 


The best way to put it is simplistic. Everything with GameStrat so far has been super simple. The instant feedback makes it a great coaching tool and the interface is very user friendly. 



San Diego Seals Coach, Ben Neeb, using GameStrat on the bench to make in-game adjustments. 


Altman highlighted the fact that GameStrat not only makes coaching more efficient, but also makes his game day operations much smoother


The system is extremely easy to get set up. I’m able to take the case up to the press box and have it all set up and ready to go within 5 minutes on game day.




San Diego Seals Head Coach and General Manager Patrick Merrill making in-game adjustments on the bench.


When asked if the San Diego Seals staff had any initial concerns when switching to GameStrat, the reliability of the system was brought up as the main concern. If you invest in a system, you want to be sure that your team can get the absolute most out of it. This is especially important on game day, when it is most crucial to be able to make those in-game adjustments.


The concern at first is the fact we’re using iPads and they aren’t hardwired, so how is the WiFi going to hold up in all these different arenas? But it has. Our experience so far has been absolutely great and we’ve had no issues with GameStrat.




We decided to wrap up our conversation with Altman by asking what advice he would give to any other teams in the NLL about investing in GameStrat's system.


It’s the most simple way of doing in game replay. If you’ve had issues with a previous system, I can tell you that you won’t have those issues with GameStrat. Not only is it a great coaching tool, but we have a very high win percentage on our coaches challenges because of GameStrat as well.

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