In-Game Tablet Technology is Coming to Texas High School Football
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Published May 1, 2024
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In-Game Tablet Technology is Coming to Texas High School Football

It’s official! GameStrat is thrilled to announce that in-game tablet technology is now making its debut in Texas High School Football, thanks to recent rule changes adopted by the UIL.


Official UIL Texas High School Football Rule Changes

The UIL organization has officially accepted new rules, paving the way for the use of in-game video tablet technology in Texas high school football games this fall.


Specific guidelines regarding the use of technology during games are as follows, and can be found in this official UIL document:

"Tablets for In-game Video (Rule 1-4-11-a, Exception 3) - Standard Tablets for in-game video only is permissive in 2024 for all football playing subdivisions. As written, this proposal/rule change WILL NOT be applicable to the UIL game. The UIL will replace this proposal with its own technology rule/exception. The basic premise of the UIL rule is to allow technology in the coach’s booths and locker rooms, but not on the sideline. Below is the UIL technology rule/exception: Teams are allowed to use video & data technology (computers, tablets, I-Pads, smart phones, etc) during the game and during half time intermission. The use of the technology is limited to the coaching booths and locker rooms – no sideline or team area use is allowed during the game. The game officials will not be responsible for enforcement of restricted sideline use, but the officials are expected to report any known or suspected violation of this rule in their game report to the UIL. In addition, if any team personnel engages an official with any video technology to show or review a play or game action, an automatic Unsportsmanlike Conduct foul will result. NOTE: NO technology is allowed on the sideline or in the team area. Violations will follow UIL protocols of being sent to the DEC, with the possibility of game forfeiture."


What does this mean for Texas High School Football Coaches?

Texas high school football coaches now have the opportunity to revolutionize their game strategies with the use of GameStrat's in-game video tablet technology. With features designed to enhance coaching efficiency and player performance, GameStrat offers a competitive edge unlike any other for Texas high school football programs.


Leaders in High School Football Tablet Technology

For almost a decade, GameStrat has been regarded as the most reliable in-game video replay system on the market, trusted by top high school football teams across the country. Don't just take our word for it—see what coaches have to say about their GameStrat experience on our Testimonials Page. Additionally, dive into our Case Studies Page to explore in-depth success stories from individual teams and coaches.


Want to know more about In-Game Tablet Technology coming to Texas?

Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your coaching game with GameStrat's in-game video tablet technology. Contact us today to learn more and take your to the next level.


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