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Coaches are Switching to GameStrat for Sideline Replay
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By: Tunch Akkaya Jul 25, 2020

Coaches are Switching to GameStrat for Sideline Replay

Are you frustrated with your current sideline replay system? Have you ever been stuck waiting for plays to download during a game, never having the end zone angle available, or not being able to even get proper support on game day? 


Don’t worry, you are not alone! You are actually part of a fast growing group, every year more and more teams are switching to GameStrat for their sideline replay needs due to those exact same issues. 


Q: "Why and how is GameStrat better than what we have?"

A: A lot of coaches don't even know that they have a problem because maybe they've only ever used something like Hudl Sideline and that's all that they've ever known. Some coaches just believe that all sideline replay systems have issues and that it's something they have to live with. Well that's not the case with GameStrat! At GameStrat, we value every single customer and our only goal is to make sure that your sideline replay system is working on Friday nights. Our system has many advantages but the two main ones are our system's reliability of connection and how fast every play is instantly available to review. We also provide way more in-game tagging capabilities (with a lot of automation so that it's actually possible to capture in the first place), setup and usability is extremely simple, and we have unparalleled game day support along with a money-back guarantee policy that we are willing to stand behind. 

If you wanted to take an in-depth look at our advantages over Hudl Sideline, feel free to read more here:


Far more reliable, and the speed the iPads got the video on the sideline was tremendous, extremely reliable. 


Mike Ricci - Garnet Valley High School, PA


Q: "What do I need to run GameStrat and what's different workflow wise?"

A: If you're thinking about transitioning to GameStrat from a system like Hudl Sideline, there isn't much that's required on your end at all. From a game day workflow perspective it's the exact same, you will only require ONE person to setup and run GameStrat regardless of which package you have with us. Instead of having that person on an iPad clicking start and stop for recording, that is now done on a laptop in the press box. Requiring a laptop is the main difference and advantage when comparing to Hudl Sideline. Not only does it allow our system to be much more reliable and transfer video instantly, but it also makes in game tagging A LOT easier. An added perk is that now your "recording iPad" that you had with Hudl Sideline can be used as an extra viewing device! 


We were just blown away by how simple it was to setup and use. 


Steve Jones - Hammond HS, LA


Q: "What's the cost?"

A: Our packages range from as low as $450 and up to $1675 / year, and depending on when you're able to make payment it would actually save some money when comparing to Hudl Sideline. The most important thing is that you're able to get a much better sideline replay system and service for roughly the same cost or less! Check out our packages here:


Switching was one of the best things we did last year, I just wish we had done it sooner.


Willie Fells - Palatka High School, FL


Q: "Does it work with Hudl or other film exchange platforms?"

A: Yes GameStrat is fully compatible with Hudl or any other film exchange platform. All of the video and breakdown data within GameStrat can be easily exported. Take a look at how easy the process is:


We're able to upload both angles and the data off the computer right away, it's sped up the process by hours for us.


Joe Lebryk - Lexington Christian Academy, KY


Q: "What's training and support like with GameStrat?"

A: We guarantee that within 2 weeks of signing up that you will have received your GameStrat hardware. Once you receive everything, we then go through a personalized 1-on-1 video training session to make sure that you guys get started off on the right foot. On top of that, we are available 24 hours over the phone on any game day to help you out incase anything does come up. There has never been a problem that we haven't been able to solve and we take pride in being able to quickly diagnose and fix issues, especially on game day. 


We got the equipment right away and then we did the training and you guys walked us through it, and everything went exactly how you said it was going to go, it was super smooth.


Ross Woods - East Jefferson High School, LA

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