GameStrat: Most Reliable Sideline Tablet System For NCAA College Football
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Published Mar 27, 2024
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GameStrat: Most Reliable Sideline Tablet System For NCAA College Football

The adoption of sideline replay tablets & headset communication in NCAA college football is quickly approaching us, with new developments being made what seems like by the day. 


The NCAA allowed the use of sideline replay tablets for all non-CFP bowl games this past season & the benefits were clear. 


In between series, we would take the footage, go through the series, and now we can give live feedback to the coaches on the field, and they have the tablets as well to be able to show the players. So I think it allows you to be more detailed with your adjustments.

-Tyler Bowen, Offensive Coordinator, Virginia Tech 



For more information on the bowl season testing click here. 


Although the results of the bowl game testing were positive, an official decision around the adoption of sideline replay technology has not yet been made. Any rule recommendations for the 2024-25 season are to be approved by the NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel by April 18th. Once approved, the responsibility would likely fall on the individual teams to shop around different options and decide on a reliable sideline replay system for their program.


However, with this being so new, that process may not be so easy for some teams. From what we've heard, some of our competitors have already told FCS teams & conferences that they will not be serving them with sideline replay. We've also been told that these same competitors are requiring teams to hardwire their own stadiums to support their wired system, meaning they would have to spend even more money on top of the cost of their sideline replay system. 


As of right now, this means that D1 FCS, DII, DIII, and NAIA teams who don't have D1 FBS level budgets, will be stuck looking for different sideline replay alternatives.


That's where a program like GameStrat, the most reliable sideline replay system on the market, comes in as a perfect solution for any of these programs.



GameStrat team Munford HS making in-game adjustments on the sideline. 


GameStrat currently works with over 500 of the top high school football programs across the country. At GameStrat, sideline replay is the only thing that we do and specialize in, while being fully compatible with Catapult Thunder (XOS), DVSport or Hudl


Unlike our competitors, GameStrat's system is completely wireless, functioning independently in any stadium without the need for existing Internet or networking infrastructure. This means that teams won't have to spend extra money hardwiring their stadium, and they will also be able to take the GameStrat system on the road with them.


CollegePro Diagram FINAL - March 20th, 2024


We've also had multiple of our high school football teams play state championship games in different NFL & NCAA stadiums including Las Vegas Raiders' very own Allegiant stadium (as pictured below), University of North Carolina Tar Heels stadium, Arizona State Sun Devils stadium, and others. None of these teams reported having any issues with setup or receiving clips on the iPads.



Regardless of size, the GameStrat system will operate & maintain a reliable connection in ANY STADIUM. 



GameStrat team Shadow Ridge HS (Nevada) operating the GameStrat system in their state title game at Allegiant Stadium in 2022.


Especially for the big stadium, GameStrat helped a lot and we never had any issues with the connection.

-Rich Brendle, Head Coach, Mount Tabor HS (NC)



GameStrat is also the industry leader in video transfer speeds. Due to our robust networking technology and overall superior software, our video transfer speeds to all iPads are instant.



GameStrat Transfer Speeds

Number of Viewing iPads

Length of Video 

Download Time (Seconds)


10 seconds

< 1 second


30 seconds

< 1 second


1 minute

< 1 second


3 minutes

< 1 second

To learn more on the performance of the GameStrat system, click here.


Coaches are always blown away by the speed & consistency in which they receive each play. No matter how long the clip is, no matter how big the stadium is, no matter how many iPads are connected, your clips will always arrive instantly with GameStrat. 



The download speed of the clips to the sideline tablets are the fastest and most consistent that I’ve ever had.

-Coach De Mashburn, Linebackers Coach at Union HS, OK



GameStrat is the best sideline replay option for NCAA teams because:


  • GameStrat system will work in any stadium, no matter the size.
  • GameStrat is the most reliable sideline replay system available on the market.
  • GameStrat is the industry leader in video transfer speeds. 
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